Stormwater Management Program
Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction.
A. General Standards. B. Specific Standards.
C. Manufactured Homes. All Manufactured Homes shall comply with the following:
D. Area of Shallow Flooding (AO and AH Zones). Located within the Area of Special Flood Hazard as described in this Chapter are areas designated as AO and AH Zones. These areas have special Flood hazards associated with Base Flood depths of one (1’) to three (3’) feet where a clearly defined channel does not exist and where the path of Flooding is unpredictable and indeterminate. The following provisions apply:
E. Floodway. Located within Areas of Special Flood Hazard established in this Chapter, are areas designated as Floodways. Since the Floodway is an extremely hazardous area due to the velocity of Floodwaters that carry debris and potential projectiles, the following provisions shall apply: F. Recreational Vehicles.
As used in this Section, a Recreational Vehicle is ready for highway use if it is on its wheels or jacking system, is attached to the site only by quick-disconnect type utilities and security devices, and has no permanently attached additions. (Ord. 2938, 2009)