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10.00.000Title 10
10.04.000City of Shawnee Traffic Regulations
10.04.002Provisions of Chapter Refer to Vehicles Upon the Streets and Highways; Exceptions
10.04.003Emergency, Temporary and Experimental Regulations
10.04.004Authority of Police
10.04.005Required Obedience to Traffic Laws
10.04.006Obedience to Authorized Persons Directing Traffic
10.04.007Persons Riding Animals or Driving Animal-Drawn Vehicles
10.04.008Persons Working On Highways; Exceptions
10.04.009Public Officers and Employees to Obey Chapter; Exceptions
10.04.010Authorized Emergency Vehicles
10.04.011Manual and Specifications for Traffic Control Devices
10.04.012Obedience to and Required Traffic-Control Devices; Presumption of Legality
10.04.013Traffic-Control Signal Legend Control Signal Preemption Devices
10.04.014Pedestrian-Control Signals
10.04.015Flashing Signals
10.04.016Lane-Direction-Control Signals
10.04.017Display of Unauthorized Signs, Signals or Markings
10.04.018 Interference With Official Traffic-Control Devices or Railroad Signs or Signals
10.04.019Designation of Crosswalks and Safety Zones
10.04.020Play Streets
10.04.021Traffic Lanes
10.04.022Provisions of Article Apply Throughout City
10.04.023Accident Involving Personal Injuries or Damage to Attended Vehicle
10.04.025Duty to Give Information and Render Aid
10.04.026Duty Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle or Other Property of Vehicle From Roadway After Accident
10.04.028False Reports
10.04.029Reckless Driving; Penalties Driving; Penalties
10.04.030Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs; Penalties Commercial Motor Vehicle With .04 Alcohol Concentration or Under the Influence of Drugs; Penalties Screening Test of Breath for Alcohol Concentration; Request by Officer; Refusal and Penalties to Submit to an Alcohol or Drug Test Interlock Devices; Tampering Motor Vehicle; Disposition; When Driver’s Licenses; Diversion Agreements Not Allowed
10.04.031Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer
10.04.032Speed Limitations; Basic Rule
10.04.033Maximum Speed Limits
10.04.034Minimum Speed Regulation
10.04.035Special Speed Limitation on Motor-Driven Cycle
10.04.036Charging Speed Violations
10.04.037Racing on Highways; "Drag Race" and "Racing" Defined
10.04.038Driving on Right Side of Roadway; Exceptions
10.04.039Passing Vehicles Proceeding in Opposite Directions
10.04.040Overtaking a Vehicle or Bicycle on the Left
10.04.041When Passing on the Right is Permitted
10.04.042Limitations on Overtaking on the Left
10.04.043Driving on Left side of Roadway prohibited; exceptions
10.04.044No-Passing Zones
10.04.045One-Way Roadways and Rotary Traffic Islands
10.04.046Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic
10.04.047Following Too Closely
10.04.048Driving on Divided Highways; Left and U Turns; Controlled-Access Highways
10.04.050Right, Left and U Turns at Intersections: Obedience To
10.04.051U Turns; Where Prohibited
10.04.052Turning on Curve or Crest of Grade Prohibited
10.04.053Starting Parked Vehicle
10.04.054Turning Movements and Required Signals
10.04.055Signals by Hand and Arm or Signal Lamps
10.04.056Methods of Giving Signals
10.04.057Vehicles Approaching or Entering Intersection
10.04.058Vehicle Turning Left
10.04.059Stop Signs and Yield Signs
10.04.060Vehicle Entering Roadway
10.04.061Operation of Vehicles on Approach of Authorized Emergency Vehicles When Near Stationary Authorized Emergency Vehicle
10.04.062Highway Construction and Maintenance
10.04.063Pedestrians; Obedience to Traffic-Control Devices and Traffic Regulations
10.04.064Pedestrians’ Right-of-Way in Crosswalks; Control Signals Crossing Guard; Disobeying
10.04.065Crossing at Other Than Crosswalks; Jaywalking
10.04.066Drivers to Exercise Due Care
10.04.067Pedestrians to Use Right Half of Crosswalks
10.04.068Pedestrians on Highways
10.04.069Pedestrians Soliciting Rides or Business
10.04.070Driving Through Safety Zone Prohibited
10.04.071Pedestrians Right-of-Way on Sidewalks
10.04.072Pedestrians Yield to Authorized Emergency Vehicles
10.04.073Blind Pedestrian Right-of-Way
10.04.074Pedestrian Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
10.04.075Bridge or Railroad Signals
10.04.076Obedience to Signal Indicating Approach of Train
10.04.077All Vehicles Must Stop at Certain Railroad Grade Crossings
10.04.078Certain Vehicles Must Stop at All Railroad Grade Crossings
10.04.079Moving Heavy Equipment at Railroad Grade Crossing
10.04.080Emerging from Alley or Private Driveway or Building
10.04.081Overtaking and Passing School Bus
10.04.082Overtaking and Passing Church Bus or Day Care Program Bus
10.04.083Stopping, Standing or Parking Outside Business or Residence Districts
10.04.084Officers Authorized to Remove Vehicles
10.04.085Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places
10.04.086Stopping or Parking on Roadways
10.04.087Accessible Parking Parking; Revoked or Suspended Devices
10.04.088Intentionally Left Blank
10.04.089Stall Parking
10.04.090Blocking Traffic; Narrow Streets; Stopping; When
10.04.091Parking On Narrow Streets; Signs
10.04.092Parking in Alley
10.04.093Parking Disabled and Other Vehicles
10.04.094Parking Adjacent to Schools; Signs
10.04.095Stopping or Parking in Hazardous or Congested Places; Signs
10.04.096Parking Prohibited at All Times in Designated Places
10.04.097Limited Time Parking Zones
10.04.098Commercial and Delivery Vehicles: Loading and Unloading; Blocking Traffic; Removal of Vehicle; Duty of Police Department
10.04.099Loading, Unloading or Special Zones
10.04.100Citation on Illegally Parked Vehicles
10.04.101Failure to Comply With Traffic Citation Attached to Parked Vehicle
10.04.102Presumption in Reference to Illegal Parking
10.04.103Using Headphones in Vehicles
10.04.104Inattentive Driving
10.04.105Allowing Use of Motor Vehicle in Violation of K.S.A. 8-1014
10.04.106Transportation of Alcoholic Beverage
10.04.107Unattended Motor Vehicle; Ignition; Key and Brakes
10.04.108Obstruction of Driver’s View or Driving Mechanism
10.04.109Coasting Skateboards
10.04.110Following Fire Apparatus Prohibited
10.04.111Crossing Fire Hose
10.04.112Putting Glass, Etc. on Highway Prohibited
10.04.113Stop When Traffic Obstructed
10.04.114Snowmobile Operation Limited Operation of All-Terrain Vehicle Operation of a Micro Utility Truck Operation of Low-Speed Vehicle Operation of a Golf Cart Operation of a Work-Site Utility Vehicle
10.04.115Unlawful Riding on Vehicles; Persons 14 Years of Age and Olders
10.04.116Driving Upon Sidewalk
10.04.117Limitations on Backing
10.04.118Driving Through or On Private Property to Avoid Traffic Control Devices
10.04.119Parades and Processions
10.04.120Driving through Procession
10.04.121Military Forces
10.04.122Street Barriers
10.04.123Opening and Closing Vehicle Doors
10.04.124Riding in House Trailer or manufactured home Prohibited
10.04.125Driving Across Lawns, Sidewalks, Yards, Crops, Etc.
10.04.126Removal of Traffic Hazards License Plates of Wireless Communication Devices
10.04.127Effect of Regulations
10.04.128Traffic Laws Apply to Persons Riding Bicycles
10.04.129Riding on Bicycles; Seats; Riders Limited
10.04.130Clinging to Vehicles
10.04.131Riding on Roadways and Bicycle Paths
10.04.132Carrying Articles
10.04.133Lamps and Other Equipment on Bicycles
10.04.134Application of Sections 10.04.127 to Section 10.04.133 to Motorized Bicycles
10.04.135Electric-Assisted Bicycles, Traffic Law Application
10.04.136Use of Coasters, Roller Skates and Similar Devices Restricted
10.04.137Traffic Laws Apply to Persons Operating Motorcycles
10.04.138Riding on Motorcycles
10.04.139Operating Motorcycles on Roadways Laned for Traffic
10.04.140Clinging to Other Vehicles
10.04.141Motorcycle Seat and Footrests
10.04.142Equipment for Motorcycle Operator or Rider
10.04.143Scope and Effect of Regulations
10.04.144When Lighted Lamps Required; Visibility Distance and Mounted Height of Lamps
10.04.145Visibility Distance and Mounted Height of Lamps
10.04.146Head Lamps on Motor Vehicles
10.04.147Tail Lamps
10.04.149Stop Lamps and Turn Signals
10.04.150Application of Succeeding Sections
10.04.151Additional Equipment Required on Certain Vehicles
10.04.152Color of Clearance Lamps, Identification Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, Backup Lamps and Reflectors
10.04.153Mounting of Reflectors, Clearance Lamps and Side Marker Lamps
10.04.154Visibility of Reflectors, Clearance Lamps, and Marker Lamps
10.04.155Obstructed Lights Not Required
10.04.156Lamps or Flags on Projecting Loads
10.04.157Lamps on Parked Vehicles
10.04.158Lamps on Other Vehicles and Equipment
10.04.159Spot Lamps and Auxiliary Lamps
10.04.160Authorized Emergency Vehicles
10.04.161Signal Lamps and Signal Devices
10.04.162Vehicular Hazard Warning Lights
10.04.163Additional Lighting Equipment
10.04.164Multiple-Beam Road-Lighting Equipment
10.04.165Use of Multiple-beam Road-lighting Equipment
10.04.166Single-beam Road-lighting Equipment Permitted on Certain Vehicles
10.04.167Alternate Road-lighting Equipment on Certain Vehicles; Limitations on Speed
10.04.168Number of Driving Lamps Required or Permitted
10.04.169Special Restrictions on Lamps
10.04.170School Buses
10.04.171Lighting Equipment and Warning Devices on Church Buses and Day Care Program Buses
10.04.172Highway Construction and Maintenance Vehicles
10.04.173Brakes; Performance Requirements
10.04.174Horns and Warning Devices
10.04.175Noise Prevention; Mufflers Release Engine Braking System
10.04.177Windshields Must Be Unobstructed and Equipped With Wipers; Eye Protection
10.04.178Restrictions as to Tire Equipment Single Tires
10.04.179Spilling Loads on Highways Prohibited
10.04.180Trailers and Towed Vehicles; Drawbar Connections and Safety Hitch
10.04.181One-Way Glass and Sun Screening Devices
10.04.182Child Passenger Safety Restraining System Belts Riding on Vehicles; Persons Under Age 14
10.04.183Head Lamps
10.04.184Tail Lamps
10.04.186Stop Lamps
10.04.187Multiple-beam Road-lighting Equipment
10.04.188Lighting Equipment for Motor-Driven Cycles
10.04.189Brake Equipment Required
10.04.190Performance Ability of Brakes
10.04.191Other Equipment
10.04.192Driver's License’s License Notice of Change of Address or Name
10.04.193Driver’s License in Possession
10.04.194Driving While License Canceled, Suspended or Revoked; Penalty
10.04.195Driving in Violation of Restrictions of a Motor Vehicle When a Habitual Violator
10.04.196Unauthorized Operator
10.04.197Unauthorized Minors
10.04.198Vehicle License; Illegal Tag of License Plate
10.04.199Intentionally Left Blank
10.04.200Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance
10.04.201Penalties to Comply with a Traffic Citation
10.04.202Parties to a Violation
10.04.203Offenses by Persons Owning or Controlling Vehicles
10.04.204Fines Doubled in Road Construction and School Zones
10.08.000Traffic Engineering Duties
10.08.010Traffic Engineering Duties
10.20.000Parking Restrictions.
10.20.020Parking on Public Sidewalk, Bicycle Path or Recreational Path Prohibited.
10.20.030Parking on Unpaved Right-of-Way or Street Prohibited
10.20.040Parking Vehicles On Unpaved Surfaces.
10.20.050Recreational Vehicle Parking
10.20.060Trailers -- Parking Regulations.
10.20.070Commercial Vehicles Parking or Storing Prohibited
10.20.080Vehicles - Operation in and Adjacent to Residential Areas.
10.20.090Trespassing of Parked Vehicles - Prohibited
10.20.100Parking in Excess of Forty-eight Hours Prohibited.
10.20.110Repairing Vehicles - Prohibited in Certain Areas
10.20.120Service Station - Exterior Storage Restrictions.
10.20.130Parking In Front Of Mailboxes Prohibited.
10.28.000Through Highways
10.28.010Major or main trafficways.
10.28.020Major or main trafficway connectors.
10.32.000Truck Routes
10.32.020Truck traffic prohibited
10.32.030Vehicles carrying goods, merchandise.
10.32.040Vehicle exemptions
10.36.000Size and Weight Limits
10.36.010Statutes incorporated by reference.
10.40.000Miscellaneous Traffic Regulations
10.40.010Garage keeper to report damaged vehicles.
10.40.020Operating a motorcycle prohibited where- Exception.
10.40.030Loud sound amplification system prohibited.
10.42.000Motor Carrier
10.42.010Incorporating Motor Carrier Regulations of the Transportation Division of the State Corporation Commission
10.45.000Unauthorized Parking In And Non-Consensual Towing From Private Parking Areas.
10.45.040Parking in Private Parking Areas.
10.45.050Non-Consensual Towing.
10.45.070Unlawful Acts.
10.45.080Release in Transit.
10.45.090Police Notification.
10.45.100Tow Truck Identification.
10.45.120Forfeiture of Fee.
10.45.130Violation A Municipal Offense.
10.45.140Wrecker or Tow Service Foreclosure of Lien.
10.48.000Penalties and Presumptions
10.48.010Presumption in Reference to Parking.
10.48.020Violations - Penalty
10.48.030Parties to a Violation
10.48.040Corporations - Responsibility
10.48.050Individual Liability for Corporate Violation
10.48.060Offenses by Persons Owning or Controlling Vehicles
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