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15.00.000Title 15
15.02.000Code Enforcement
15.02.010Public Officer
15.02.030Compliance and Use
15.02.040Revocation of Permit or Certificate of Occupancy
15.02.050Enforcement of Code Provisions
15.02.060Presumption of Ownership
15.02.070Duties Upon Transfer of Ownership
15.02.080Owner and Occupant Responsibility
15.02.090Corporations - Responsibility
15.02.100Individual Liability for Corporate Violation
15.04.000International Building Code Adopted.
15.04.010Incorporated by Reference
15.04.020Amendments and Additions
15.06.000International Residential Code Adopted.
15.06.010Incorporated by Reference
15.06.020Amendments and Additions
15.06.030Copies on File
15.08.000National Electrical Code Adopted
15.08.010Incorporated by Reference
15.08.020Amendments and Additions
15.08.030Copies on File
15.10.000International Fuel Gas Code Adopted
15.10.010Incorporated by Reference
15.10.020Amendments and Additions
15.10.030Copies on File
15.12.000International Mechanical Code Adopted
15.12.010Incorporated by Reference
15.12.020Amendments and Additions
15.12.030Copies on File
15.16.000International Plumbing Code Adopted
15.16.010Incorporated by Reference
15.16.020Amendments and Additions
15.16.030Copies on File
15.18.000International Energy Conservation Code Adopted
15.18.010Incorporated by Reference
15.18.020Amendments and Additions
15.18.030Copies on File
15.20.000International Property Maintenance Code Adopted.
15.20.010Incorporated by Reference.
15.20.020Amendments and Additions.
15.20.030Copies on File.
15.24.000Maintenance Of Single-Family Residential Rental Property.
15.24.020Inspection For Single-Family Residential Rental Property.
15.28.000Abatement of Dangerous Buildings
15.28.010Unsafe or Dangerous Structures; Intent; Definitions; Authority
15.28.020Procedure for Abatement; Resolution; Publication and Notice; Hearing and Order; Duty of Owner; Failure to Comply; Safe Condition; Required Certification.
15.28.030Assessment of Costs.
15.28.040Immediate Hazards.
15.28.050Scope of Chapter.
15.32.000International Fire Code Adopted
15.32.010Incorporated by Reference
15.32.020Amendments and Additions
15.32.030Copies on File
15.40.000Fire Zones
15.40.010Fire Zone No. 1.
15.40.020Fire Zone No. 2.
15.40.030Fire Zone No. 3.
15.44.000Solar Collectors and Solar Collection Systems
15.44.010Solar systems defined.
15.44.020Solar easements.
15.44.030Permit required.
15.44.030Permit required.
15.44.030Permit required.
15.48.000Wind Energy Conversion System
15.48.030WECS Design and Construction.
15.48.040WECS Support Structures.
15.48.050WECS Support Structure Materials.
15.48.060WECS Special Requirements.
15.48.070WECS Two Year Periodic Inspections.
15.48.080WECS Abandonment and Removal.
15.52.000Exterior Maintenance Standards for Structures and Land
15.52.010Legislative findings.
15.52.080Right of entry-Unlawful interference-Penalty.
15.52.100Exterior wall surface.
15.52.120Windows and Doors
15.52.130Roofing and guttering.
15.52.140Attached Structures.
15.52.160Detached sheds, garages, or other out buildings.
15.52.170Hard surfaces, walkways and driveways.
15.52.180Outdoor storage-One and two-family dwellings.
15.52.190Outdoor storage-Other property.
15.52.195Trash and refuse.
15.52.210Posting building address.
15.52.220Concrete and asphalt.
15.52.230Temporary toilet facilities.
15.52.240Order and notice of violation.
15.52.270Failure to comply with order-lien, special assessments.
15.56.000Movement of Buildings
15.56.010Moving permit required.
15.56.050Occupational license.
15.56.090Duties required of permittee.
15.64.000Underground Utilities
15.64.020Underground installation required.
15.64.040City held harmless.
15.64.050Underground wiring prohibited.
15.68.000Parabolic Antennas
15.68.000Parabolic Antennas.
15.68.010General regulations.
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