Complete Construction Services Office

Project Description:

The applicant received site plan approval at the June 5, 2017 Planning Commission meeting to revise the exterior color of the former Citywide Electric building, located at 5919 Barton Street. The proposed modification will introduce wood lap siding in the center of the north elevation to frame the glass customer entry. A new, flat stainless steel canopy will be suspended above the entry door. The new wood will be stained a natural cedar (Olympic #116). This same lap wood treatment will be installed at the top of the parapet wall on the entire north elevation, as well as approximately half of the west elevation (to the point where the roof height stair-steps down).

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Project Contact:
Doug Allmon, (913) 742-6222

Project Status:

Status Details:

The exterior building remodel has now been completed.



September 13, 2017: