Barton Street Improvements- 67th to 66th Terrace

Project Description:

Mill and overlay, addition of curb and sidewalk, storm sewer, ADA ramps and pavment markings.

Last Updated:

Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Street Improvements

Project Contact:
Paul Lindstrom, P.E., (913)742-6234

Design Firm:
Walter P. Moore Engineering

Construction Contract:
Kansas Heavy Construction

Inspection Firm:
Walter P. Moore

Project Status:

Project Number:

Project Start Date:

Estimated Project End Date:

Status Details:

Consultant is complete with final plans. A neighborhood meeting was held on 6-15-17. FInal plans were approved at the June 26th City Council for approval. Bids for construction were received on July 12th and were approved at the July 24th City Council meeting. Construction began on August 28, 2017 and is expected to be complete within 30 days. A copy of the final plans is attached.


Barton Street_Final Plan_052417.pdfBarton Street_Final Plan_052417.pdf