Nieman Corridor South Storm Drainage Improvements

Project Description:

The purpose of the project is to construct drainage improvements to help alleviate recurring flooding of streets and habitable structures along the Turkey Creek tributary from East of Nieman Road southeasterly to Shawnee Mission Parkway. The Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) dated January 2015 determined the best option for the City to pursue in order to alleviate flooding without just demolishing all the flooding homes and leaving the land vacant.

The upper half of the project has an existing trapezoidal concrete lined channel, the lower portion of the project is an existing natural trapezoidal channel leading to 7 reinforced concrete boxes (RCB) under Shawnee Mission Parkway. The final plans approved by the Governing Body include relocating the southern portion of the project northward and channelizing the stream in a concrete lined vertical wall system. The project also includes construction of a pedestrian bridge at 62nd Street to directly connect this neighborhood with the Nieman Road commercial district. This will alleviate flooding of homes along 62nd Street, allow for redevelopment along Shawnee Mission Parkway and Nieman Road, add a pedestrian bridge, trail and sidewalks and upgrade sanitary sewer along the tributary.

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Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Drainage Improvements

Project Contact:
Cynthia Moeller-Krass, P.E.
(913) 742-6236

Design Firm:
Olsson Associates

Construction Contract:
Leath & Sons, Inc.

Inspection Firm:
Olsson Associates

Project Status:

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Project Start Date:

Estimated Project End Date:

Status Details:

The construction contract was awarded to Leath & Sons, Inc. Construction of the new channel has been completed on this south phase. The pedestrian bridge across the creek at 62nd Street & Roger Road is open for use. The contractor has completed initial sod installation. A punchlist of corrections was developed on June 26th. Work remaining includes sod installation which has been delayed until fall. The final layer of asphalt is scheduled to be installed in September once sidewalk is installed on the south side of 62nd Street between Ballentine and Goddard. The south curbline on 62nd: Ballentine to Goddard is scheduled to be completed 8/23 and sod will be installed in these yards in mid-September.

If you have any additional questions, contact information for those involved with this project are included in the Construction Update attached. Upon completion of the entire Nieman Corridor project, the City will apply for revised floodplain mapping to remove many of the homes along 62nd Street out of the existing Federal Emergency Management Agency floodplain. This is being delayed to completion of all projects as the federal agencies are treating this series of projects as one improvement.


Nieman South Final Plans 5-12-2016.pdfNieman South Final Plans 5-12-2016.pdf 16-05-09_Nieman Corridor South - Proposed Plan.pdf16-05-09_Nieman Corridor South - Proposed Plan.pdf 3400_Resident Construction Update1_20161020.pdf3400_Resident Construction Update1_20161020.pdf - Drone video of construction activity (12/21/2016)

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