Nieman Corridor North Storm Drainage Improvements

Project Description:

This drainage sub-watershed is located along the Turkey Creek Tributary "F" immediately west of Nieman Rd to West of Flint St and has a long history of flooding adjacent homes, apartments and streets in large storm events. The Northeast Johnson County Watershed Study completed by Johnson County in 2006 identified numerous homes and streets flooding in this area.  The existing system is undersized and inadequate and is contributing to the flooding of ten (10) homes and apartment buildings and one street.  The proposed project will include removal of two (2) homes, installation of approximately 1,100 LF of concrete lined channel, 4 reinforced concrete boxes under Flint Street and channel transition  improvements at channel tie-in points near both Flint Street and Nieman Road.

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Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Drainage Improvements

Project Contact:
Cynthia Moeller-Krass, P.E.
(913) 742-6236

Design Firm:
Olsson Associates

Construction Contract:
VF Anderson Builders LLC

Inspection Firm:
Olsson Associates

Project Status:

Project Number:

Project Start Date:

Estimated Project End Date:

Status Details:

The design contract for this project was awarded to Olsson Associates at the November 28, 2016 City Council Meeting. A recreational trail was added to the project along the south side of the channel at the February 7, 2017 Council Committee Meeting. The construction project was awarded to VF Anderson Builders LLC on November 27, 2017. Construction started slowly in January 2018 due to cold temperatures, however, VFA is making great progress now. VFA has completed over 50% of the project and should complete all activities west of Flint this week. Utility relocations and upcoming street work will continue to keep Flint Street closed throughout the summer and into early fall.

VFA has completed all sanitary relocation work, more than 70% of the segmental block walls and channel floor, and most restoration of apartment building parking lots. Concrete box culvert installation at Flint was completed in 3 days and utilities are in the process of reinstalling new lines over the channel. VF Anderson will continue to work on segmental block walls and channel floor construction into May and will then complete railing and mow strip installation. Upon completion of all work associated with the channel, VFA will begin grading for the trail and park area west of Nieman Road.

Flint Street between 60th Street and 60th Terrace is expected to closed through October 2018 depending on the timing of the subsequent Flint Street Improvement project.

Since VF Anderson was awarded both the Nieman Middle and Nieman North drainage projects, temporary transition sections between the two projects were able to be deleted and to save the City on construction costs. The contractor is hoping to beat his contract deadline and be substantially complete by early June, restoration of sod may not occur until September as we do not usually allow sod restoration during the drought period of summer.

If you live in this area and are experiencing traffic blockages or utility outages, please call the city and we will try to get these resolved as quickly as possible.


Nieman Corridor North - Final Plans.pdfNieman Corridor North - Final Plans.pdf
Nieman Corridor North - Prelim Plans.pdfNieman Corridor North - Prelim Plans.pdf