Permit Number: 19-056
      Permit Date: 1/17/2019 10:03:39 AM

Project Information

Address:4410 MEADOW VIEW DR

Add'l Addresses:
County Parcel ID:

Project Name:

Basement Finish
Work Desc:

Remodel work as shown on approved plans.NOTE: The work under this permit includes a mandatory requirement that Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms be installed throughout the home to meet current code requirements. Smoke Alarms are required to be hard wired and interconnected so that actuation of one alarm activates all alarms.
Value of Work:

$15000Occupancy Group:R3Type of Construction:5-BZoning:
Finished Area:

597Unfinished Basement/ Garage Area:Deck/Porch Size:Nbr Stories:

Permit Requirements

Special Conditions:

Special Inspections Required?Automatic Sprinkler Required?Public Sidewalks?Number of Trees Required?

Applicant Information

Address:50 Hillcrest Dr.
City, State ZIP:Platte City , MO 64079

* - You must obtain a satisfactory Ground Rough inspection prior to concealment all water pipe, gas pipe and sanitary drainage/vent pipe; which are placed in the ground or concrete. Please call 913-742-6010 to schedule inspections.

* - You must obtain a satisfactory Rough-In Inspection for your project before any building finish on the walls or ceilings are installed. Inspection requests must be received a minimum of 24 hours prior to when you would like the inspection. Please call 913-742-6010 to schedule inspections.

* - An approved Insulation inspection is required before proceeding to the final stage of construction. At this stage in construction verify that all required inspections have been performed and are approved before proceeding to sheet rock or install other building finish materials on the walls or ceiling. Please call 913-742-6010 to schedule inspections.

* - The Final inspection is required before home furnishings are moved into the area. You must obtain a satisfactory Final inspection for your project before the construction permit can be closed. Please call 913-742-6010 to schedule a Final inspection.