Permit Number: 17830
      Permit Date: 7/18/2017 9:49:08 AM

Project Information

Address:15939 W 65TH ST

Add'l Addresses:
County Parcel ID:

Project Name:

SW Hearing Aid Co.
Work Desc:

tenant finish per plansprovide occupancy sensors for office light switches
Value of Work:

$30000Occupancy Group:BType of Construction:2BZoning:
Finished Area:

1240Unfinished Basement/ Garage Area:Deck/Porch Size:Nbr Stories:

Permit Requirements

Special Conditions:

Special Inspections Required?Automatic Sprinkler Required?Public Sidewalks?Number of Trees Required?

Applicant Information

Applicant of Record:Arnaldo Electric
Address:719 Kensingto
City, State ZIP:Kansas City, MO

* - You must obtain a Satisfactory Rough-In Inspection prior to concealing any components of the Structure, Electrical, Plumbing & Heating and Air conditioning installed on your project. A Rough-in Inspection is an inspection of all the above components.
Note: Each of the components, Structure, Electrical, Plumbing & Heating and Air Conditioning may be inspected individually and when all the completed have received a satisfactory inspection the Rough-In will be considered passed. See back of Permit Card for time frames for individual component inspections.

Call Codes Administration at least one day in advance at 913-742-6010 to schedule the inspection.

* - The Final inspection is required before furnishings may be moved into the tenant space. A Certificate Of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy must be obtained before the tenant space can be staffed, stocked or open to the general public. All required licenses shall be obtained prior to operation. If the Certificate Of Occupancy cannot be obtained before the business opens it is possible, with approval from all relevant City Departments, for the Building Official to issue a Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy after the Final inspection. The maximum length of time a business can operate on a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy is six (6) months and the certificate must be obtained from City Hall and a fee paid for at that time. Please contact the Codes Administration Division at 913-742-6010 to schedule a Final inspection or inquire about Occupancy.