Chimenea Safety
Shawnee Fire Department News

    Chimeneas are portable outdoor terra cotta fireplaces that are rapidly becoming a favorite item for the deck or patio. Used properly, a chimenea can provide you with years of safe, aesthetically pleasing, outdoor enjoyment. Like any fireplace however it is necessary to follow some basic fire safety guidelines.

    • Do not use your chimenea indoors.
    • Your chimenea is not intended as a primary heat source.
    • Never use gasoline, kerosene, starter fluids or any other substances, which may create a rapid buildup of fire.
    • Do not use within four feet of any combustible materials or high wind condition.
    • If the chimenea is used on a wood deck, protect the deck with a non-combustible surface to catch the sparks or popping coals. A “UL listed stove mat” or “hearth board” are two examples and are available at many hardware stores. Screens to cover the firebox are also available.
    • Most importantly, always follow closely the instructions provided by the manufacturer so that you may safely enjoy your chimenea for many years.