2016/17 Stormwater Pipe Repair Project

Project Description:

The City completed televising of approximately 47,000 Linear feet of storm drainage pipes this year. These inspections have identified 26 locations (46 different pipes) that are in need of repair in order for the City to maintain safe and effective storm drainage network. Some locations will be full replacement of underground pipes including surface restoration such as sidewalk, fencing, inlets, curb, street and sod. Some other locations will be repaired using cured in place lining which will require minimal surface restoration.

Last Updated:

Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Drainage Improvements

Project Contact:
Cynthia Moeller-Krass, P.E.
(913) 742-6236

Design Firm:
City of Shawnee

Construction Contract:
Amino Brothers Co., Inc.

Inspection Firm:
City of Shawnee

Project Status:

Project Number:

Project Start Date:

Estimated Project End Date:

Status Details:

The construction contract was awarded to Amino Brothers at the November 14, 2016. Construction on this project is complete.


2016-17 Pipe Repair Public Meeting Notice_20160927.pdf2016-17 Pipe Repair Public Meeting Notice_20160927.pdf 2016_2017_Pipe_Repair_Status_030317.pdf2016_2017_Pipe_Repair_Status_030317.pdf

2016_Overall_Map_ExhibitsA&B.pdf2016_Overall_Map_ExhibitsA&B.pdf 2016 Pipe Repair Maps_10102016.pdf2016 Pipe Repair Maps_10102016.pdf