Shawnee Town 1929 Site Improvements

Project Description:

Improvements will include grading, installation of storm sewers and an underdrain system, and site restoration. The proposed storm sewers will enclose the existing open channel east of Town Hall and abandon an existing corrugated metal pipe storm sewer to accommodate construction of the future Visitors Center. An underdrain will also be installed in the grass area south of Town Hall to capture groundwater and eliminate wet/soggy areas that are a nuisance during events at Shawnee Town

Last Updated:

Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Parks & Facilities

Project Contact:
Bert Schnettgoecke, P.E.,(913)742-6271

Design Firm:
Shafer, Kline and Warren, Inc.

Construction Contract:
To be Determined

Inspection Firm:
To be Determined

Project Status:

Project Number:

Project Start Date:

Estimated Project End Date:

Status Details:

Construction documents are complete and the work is scheduled to start in Spring, 2017.


Final Plans_011817.pdfFinal Plans_011817.pdf