Nieman Road Improvements - 55th to Shawnee Mission Parkway

Project Description:

Nieman Road will be narrow to accommodate a 3 lane roadway. This will allow more green space behind the curb to install a wide recreational trail on one side and wider sidewwalk on the other. This project will also include streetscape items such as benches, landscaping, transit shelter, and other miscellaneous amentiies. This project is included in the "Nieman Now" corridor project.

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Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Street Improvements

Project Contact:
Paul Lindstrom, P.E. (913)742-6234

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Status Details:

The City Council approved a design contract with BHC Rhodes on November 14th, 2016. The consultant has begin surveying the area. The consultant will then provide a concept to be approved by City Council before continuing on with preliminary plans. This project is scheduled for construction in 2018. This project will be designed in conjunction with other storm sewer projects along the corridor so there will be public meetings throughout the design process. The cooridor right of way study is attached.

Currently the Consultant is coordinating all work with the storm drainage projects along Nieman Road. There was some discussion at the February 7, 2017 City Council Committee meeting about what side of the street to have the recreational trail install. The guidance from the committee was to install the trail on the east side as recommended by the study and report. The consultant is continuing with plan development. The preliminary plans are scheduled to be completed by the end of July 2017. At that time City stall will hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss those plans.


3427 Nieman Road ROW Reallocation Study (final report).pdf3427 Nieman Road ROW Reallocation Study (final report).pdf