Clear Creek Parkway Project - Clare Road to K-7 Highway

Project Description:

This is a new street to be constructed (Clear Creek Parkway) between Clare Road and K-7 Highway. This street will tie into the existing Clear Creek Parkway at Hedge Lane Terrace (just west of the K-7 overpass bridge) and continue west 1 mile to Clare Road. The street will have proposed features such as a lane in each direction, a continuous thru-lane, curbs, sidewalk on one side and a recreational trail on the other, street lights, storm sewer facilities. There is a single lane roundabout proposed at the new intersection of Clear Creek Parkway and Gleason.

Last Updated:

Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Street Improvements

Project Contact:
Paul Lindstrom, P.E. (913)742-6234

Design Firm:
Shafer, Kline and Warren

Construction Contract:
RL Duncan Construction
Desoto, Kansas

Inspection Firm:
Shafer, Kline and Warren

Project Status:

Project Number:

Project Start Date:

Estimated Project End Date:

Status Details:

Construction began January 3, 2017, with completion approximately October 9, 2017. The contractor is working on the paving the concrete travel lanes and installing concrete curb. This project does not affect traffic to adjacent streets but there will be trucks entering and leaving along Hedge Lane Terrace and Clare Road throughout the project. The new roadway is open for traffic however some minor work within the roundabout and sodding/seeding remain when weather allows.

This project has recently as of (1-17-18) won awards for excellence in engineering and for excellence in concrete paving in the State of Kansas.


3413 2nd Public meeting notification.pdf3413 2nd Public meeting notification.pdf

Clear Creek Parkway 24x36 Map.pdfClear Creek Parkway 24x36 Map.pdfShawnee CCP Concept Study & Report-Final.pdfShawnee CCP Concept Study & Report-Final.pdfClear Creek Parkway Presentation 5-9-16.pdfClear Creek Parkway Presentation 5-9-16.pdfClear Creek Parkway Concept Video.pptxClear Creek Parkway Concept Video.pptxShawnee CCP-Preliminary Plans (Full Size)-071316.pdfShawnee CCP-Preliminary Plans (Full Size)-071316.pdf3413 Final Plans (9-20-16).pdf3413 Final Plans (9-20-16).pdf