Scam Warning
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Scam Warning
The Shawnee Police Department has seen multiple scam cases lately involving residents of all ages. The cases involve criminals saying they will install anti-virus software or fix problems just to gain access to your computer. They will also promise you free money if you first pay a large amount of shipping fees for the funds. The scam artists have also told victims their identities have been stolen and they have warrants out and will be arrested unless they pay money to various accounts to "clear their name".

The Police Department wants to remind you of several things regarding these types of scams. First of all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't fall into false hopes and the promises of free money, especially if you have to pay money in order to get it. Secondly, Federal Agencies (IRS, FBI, US Marshals, etc), will not call you to warn you about impending arrest and they certainly will not ask you to deposit money into accounts in order to make the arrest warrants go away. Lastly, don't allow anyone access to your computer and if you want anti-virus software on your machine because you are afraid of some kind of infection, go to the store and purchase it yourself.

Most of the time in these scams the victim is not going to have their money given back to them by the bank. The person who sent the money can make a Police report and we will investigate, but many of these scams lead to foreign countries where U.S. Law Enforcement agencies have little or no authority to bring charges on the perpetrators. Often times, these scams will target the elderly so if you know someone or see someone who looks like they are going to be sending money in one of these scams, please say something and help that person from giving away their hard-earned funds.

You can always call the Police Department with any questions you might have at (913) 631-2150.