Solar Shawnee
Solar Shawnee

If you want to know more about utilizing solar energy collection systems, here is a quick guide on how to get started.
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As with any large purchase, it is a good idea to get quotes from multiple installers before making a decision. If possible, get at least three quotes so you can compare and contrast what installers have to offer.

Be sure that all of the bids you receive are for the same type of equipment. Comparing a bid for a system mounted on the ground to one for a rooftop system is like comparing apples to oranges. Also, some types of solar panels generate more electricity per square foot than others.

Bids should clearly state:

  • Maximum generating capacity of the system (measured in watts or kilowatts).
  • Estimate of the amount of energy the system will produce on an annual basis (measured in kilowatt-hours).
  • System capacity in AC watts, or the output of the system at the inverter.
  • All costs, including hardware, installation, connection to the grid, permitting, sales tax and warranty.
  • Warranties and performance guarantees.

Ask each installer for customer references and contact information.

All contractors working within Shawnee should have a valid business license with the City. Contact the City Clerks Department at (913) 742-6014 to verify their license status.

Mid-America Regional Council has a list of local installers and utility information to help.

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Building permits are required prior to installation of solar panels.

The installer should assist you in obtaining all building permits and inspections.

The City's Codes Division provides documents you will need to have on file and that help guide your process. See links to documents below.

Solar Ready Construction Guidelines
Permit checklist (required to be included with your application)
Permit application

Additional Resources

Mid-America Regional Council Consumer Guide to Solar
Kansas City Power & Light Solar Information
Westar Energy Solar Information
Database of Renewable and Efficiency Policies and Incentives

Contact our Codes Division by email or at (913) 742-6014.