Public Notice Listing
    Public Notice Listing
    The City is required to publish certain documents, such as ordinances, notices and other documents, in an official City newspaper. The City has designated the following as official City newspapers:
    Additionally, from time to time, the City publishes project notices in other newspapers in order to obtain the best possible bids available.

    In an effort to make legal publications available to everyone, the City Clerk’s Office publishes these documents on this website. Legal publications are available on this page for one month after the posting date. Below is a current list of legal publications.

    02/08/2017 Notice of Public Hearing - Consider rezoning from RS (Residential Suburban) to DU (Duplex Residential) for property located 5800-6100 blocks of Clare Rd. (Z-02-17-03)
    02/08/2017 Notice of Public Hearing - Rezoning from RS (Residential Suburban) and AG (Agricultural) to R1 (Single Family Residential) for property located 5800-6100 blocks of Clare Road. (Z-01-17-03)
    02/08/2017 Notice to Bid - Request for Proposal - Pool Slide Repairs
    02/01/2017 Notice of Public Hearing - Request to the Office of Housing and Urban Development for the release of CDBG - Community Development Block Grant. Notice of Intent to request release of funds.
    02/01/2017 Notice to Bidders - 2017 Mowing Contract
    01/25/2017 Notice of Public Hearing - Request for a variance from Shawnee Municipal Code, Section 17.20.050 (D2), to allow a roofed patio to encroach into the rear yard setback area located 20926 W 68 Terr. (BZA-02-17-02)
    01/25/2017 Notice of Public Hearing - Request for variances from Shawnee Municipal Code, Section 17.38.040 (D1), to allow encroachment into the front yard setback area located 11915 Johnson Drive. (BZA-03-17-02)
    01/25/2017 Notice to Bidders - 2017 Mill and Overlay Program
    01/25/2017 Notice to Bidders - Shawnee Town 1929 - Site Improvements
    01/25/2017 Request for Proposals - 2017 Storm Sewer Video Inspections
    01/25/2017 Treasurer's Quarterly Financial Statement - Treasurer's Quarterly Financial Statement for the Quarters beginning September, 2016 to December, 2016.
    01/18/2017 ORDINANCE NO. 3179 - Rezoning property located in the 15000 Block of 67th Street from PO to AG
    12/28/2016 Public Hearing - Purpose of reviewing the Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for the City's 2016 Community Development Block Grant Program.
    12/21/2016 Notice of Public Hearing - Request for variance from Shawnee Municipal Code, Section 17.60.010(A), to allow an accessory structure to be build outside of the required rear yard located at 6409 Locust St. (BZA-01-17-01)
    12/21/2016 ORDINANCE NO. 3178 - Amending the existing provisions of Chapter 2.48 of the Shawnee Municipal Code related to the Civil Service Commission
    12/07/2016 Notice of Public Hearing - Consider a request from Stacey Lewis on behalf of Information Station, to allow an in-home group daycare with up to 12 children located at 4737 Queal Drive. (SUP-01-17-01).
    12/07/2016 ORDINANCE NO. 3175 - Regulating Zoning and Land Use within the City of Shawnee, Kansas; to incorporate by Reference as authorized by K.S.A. 12-3009 through K.S.A. 12-3012, inclusive, the code titled Zoning Rules and Regulations of the City Of Shawnee, Kansas, to incorporate recommendations of the Planning Commission dated October 17, 2016 related to the area requirements in the Planned Unit Development Mixed Residential District.
    12/07/2016 ORDINANCE NO. 3176 - Adopting the Shawnee, Kansas, 2016 Comprehensive Plan, as amended.
    12/07/2016 ORDINANCE NO. 3177 - Designating a portion of Clear Creek Parkway within the City as a main Trafficway pursuant to K.S.A. 12-685 ET SEQ. (Clear Creek Parkway from Clare Road to K-7 Highway) and repealing Ordinance No. 3139

    For questions, contact the City Clerk, at (913) 742-6243.