Logo Request
Logo Request

The City of Shawnee logo is a registered official mark protected by the City of Shawnee, Kansas. The logo, including any facsimile thereof, is intended for use by authorized agents or employees of the City of Shawnee in conducting the official business of the City. Use of the City logo is limited to City contractors working on City projects and/or updates or City agencies, such as the Chamber of Commerce, Shawnee Economic Development Council or Shawnee Convention & Visitor’s Bureau. The logo shall not be used for political or commercial purposes.

Duplication and use without permission is prohibited by law

The City of Shawnee logo cannot be used by third parties on any published material or resource without the approval of the Project Specialist. Reproduction of the City’s logo must also be in line with the City of Shawnee’s Graphic Standards Manual and the conditions stipulated on this request form. Approval to reproduce the City’s logo is conditional upon approval of the intended use by and your acceptance of the City of Shawnee’s logo reproduction conditions below:

Conditions for the reproduction of the logo

  • The City of Shawnee logo MUST NOT be edited or distorted in any way.
  • The specified PMS colors as stated in the “City of Shawnee’s Graphic Standards Manual” must be used .
  • When reproducing the City of Shawnee’s logo in one solid color, that color MUST abide by directions set out in the “City of Shawnee’s Graphic Standards Manual.’’
  • The City of Shawnee’s logo MAY NOT be used to provide or imply endorsement or promotion by the requester of any produce or service, or class of products or services or be associated with commercial interests unless permission is sought from the Project Specialist.
  • The City of Shawnee’s logo MAY NOT be used to directly or indirectly promote cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or material that the City may deem offensive.
  • The City of Shawnee’s logo may only be used for the purposes specified in this request form.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

To get electronic copies of the City of Shawnee logo, please submit the following:
Simply click on the email address to send an E-Mail or call (913) 742-6251.
In your e-mail (or voice mail), please include:
  • Your company name
  • Your full name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your business phone number
  • Briefly describe the intended use for the logo
  • Type of file format preferred

If your request is approved, we will confirm your request with you via e-mail, and then deliver the files in an electronic format within three (3) business days. There is no charge for e-mailing the logo.