Glass Recycling
Glass Recycling

Any glass food and/or beverage container of any color (including mason jars) can be placed in the bin. There is no need to sort the glass by color and labels do not need to be removed. The City will host the bin, tidy up any broken glass and contact Ripple Glass when it needs to be picked up.

  • Metcalf Bank, 15100 W. 67th Street
  • Price Chopper, 22210 W 66th St
  • Johnson County Landfill, 17955 Holliday Drive

In addition, Price Chopper is selling small durable plastic bins for home use. These small purple bins cost $5.00 and are available at both Shawnee Price Choppers located at 12010 W. 63rd Street or 22210 W. 66th Street. The bins make it easier to store glass at home and transport it to a drop-off location.

This drop-off program offers a convenient way for residents to recycle glass.
For more information contact Nolan Sunderman, (913) 742-6213. Visit Ripple Glass for more information.