New Resident Trash FAQ's
New Resident Trash FAQ's

How do I set up my trash service?

The City does not provide trash service. The City licenses haulers that Home Owners Associations can contract with or individual homeowners can set up a subscription with for service.

If you live in a Home Owners Association, please contact the board to find out if you are paying for service through your dues or fees. If you are, please ask them what you need to do to continue service to your residence.

If you do not live in a Home Owners’ Association or find out your Association doesn’t provide for collection, you will need to set up service through a licensed residential hauler.

Where do I get my trash and recycling containers?

Your trash provider you have either through your Home Owners Association or your subscription service is required to give you a trash and recycling container.

If you have containers left from the previous owner and you do not have the same hauler, call the hauler listed on the carts to have them picked up. If you are using the same provider, let them know you already have carts, they may just ask you to keep using the ones you have.

Why do I have both trash and recycling service?

The City of Shawnee (as well as all Johnson County cities) operate under a system called Pay-As-You-Throw. This system is set up so that you are able to set out as much trash that fits into your trash bin with the lid closed without paying extra for it and you are able to set out an unlimited amount of recycling. If your recycling container is full you can set out another clearly marked container to put excess recycling in. If you have extra trash, you are required to purchase stickers for each additional bag of trash. More information is found on the Curbside Trash and Recycling Page.

What should I do with my Yard Waste?

If you are with a Home Owners Association that provides trash and recycling service, please check with your board to see what type of yard waste service is included in your contract. If your homes association does not provide for yard waste collection, or you are an individual subscriber, please contact your hauler to see what services they may have for you.

Please do NOT put your yard waste inside of your trash container. Yard Waste is not allowed to be disposed of in the landfill and should not be mixed with your trash. As, such it is not counted as part of you trash limit, but your hauler may have a limit to the amount of yard waste they will collect for your subscription. For more information on yard waste please see the Yard Waste section of our website.

Is there a large or bulky item pick up day?

Yes. This service is provided once a year by your trash hauler.