Private Detention Maintenance
Private Detention Maintenance

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Stormwater Detention Facilities Inspection & Certification

During the last two years the City of Shawnee’s Stormwater Management Program has worked towards implementing a detention maintenance program by inventorying and contacting the owners of detention basins and working with them to comply with the City’s detention basin ordinance to provide maintenance, (SMC 11.24.150 Facility Maintenance) and to provide certification, (SMC 11.24.160 - Certifications). Since the ordinance was created, periodic inspections and certifications have not been required, except when some maintenance issues made it necessary. The value of properly maintaining detention basins extends far beyond each individual subdivision; a properly maintained detention basin helps to provide the improved downstream flood protection it was designed for. A detention basin is usually a small dry pond area located on a property to help hold back stormwater run-off.

These certifications will be due on October 1 annually. Letters will be mailed out reminding of the certification due later in the year.

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