Working Together
Police News

If you’ve read our Mission Statement on the website you know we are honored to work in cooperation with the community. Furthermore, under the Community tab on the Police Department home page, we discuss that even though the police are paid to give their full time and attention to the control of crime, they cannot do the job entirely by themselves; the police need the citizens’ help to maintain a safe community.

To highlight that this concept can and does work, here are four recent examples of how members of the community helped the police apprehend suspects that committed crimes in Shawnee. In all of the incidents arrests were made because observant citizens gathered good information and called the police.

The four incidents were:

    1. an attempted rape
    2. an attempted burglary at a home
    3. the theft of property from a city pool
    4. burglary at a home

In two of the cases the crimes were interrupted and not able to be fully carried out and in the others the citizens’ reports led to arrests soon after the crimes were completed. This isn’t high tech CSI folks; this is much better!

It is gratifying to know that the people who live and work in our City care enough to become involved and to look out for one another, and for a police officer, there is nothing better than to successfully respond to a citizen’s call for help. It allows us to carry out our mission and to earn the confidence of the community we serve. Let’s keep up the good work.