Kid Safe Web Browser
McGruffChildren's Educational Network presents McGruff child safe internet browser for kids. This browser is a good way to allow younger children a safe place to go to the internet.

Thanks to a partnership with the Children’s Educational Network, McGruff the Crime Dog® and his message of crime prevention and safety is coming soon to a PC near you! The Children’s Educational Network has designed and unveiled the brand-new McGruff Kid Safe Web Browser to provide young children with a safe place to surf the Net. This new, interactive web browser is available for free, and features the NCPC characters, McGruff and Scruff®.

The McGruff Kid Safe Web Browser will allow access to more than 10,000 websites - all pre-screened for child-appropriate content - while keeping them safe from more mature content. The accessible websites include thousands that are helpful for doing homework and others rich with educational games. will act as the browser’s homepage and an animated, interactive McGruff character will guide children around the Internet. The McGruff Kid Safe Web Browser also comes loaded with customizable features to help tailor a safe and enjoyable on-line experience for boys and girls alike.