High Marks on Independent Review
Shawnee Fire Department News
    The results of an independent analysis of the Shawnee Fire Department has produced results that will help save local businesses and homeowners money and put it within the top three percent of all Fire Department’s nationwide.

    Recently, the Insurance Service Office (ISO) conducted a thorough review of the Fire Department to determine its Public Protection Classification. The Department received an ISO Rating of 2. According to ISO, only 750 fire departments in the United States have received a rating this high. The National Fire Protection Association estimates that there are over 30,000 fire departments nationwide.

    Many insurance companies use an ISO rating to establish appropriate fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial premiums. The high ISO rating of the Shawnee Fire Department will help reduce insurance premiums for the business and residential community in the City of Shawnee.

    The ISO’s independent analysis reviewed various aspects of the Department, including emergency vehicle readiness, equipment, staffing, fire crew training, fire investigation, and public education outreach.

    “The findings of this report are a testament to the proactive efforts the department has put in place,” said Shawnee Fire Chief John Mattox. “While we are certainly happy with our progress, we will always look at areas where we can improve the services that we provide to our citizens.”